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General Terms and Conditions 

of Stephan Rauscher & Tobias Huber GbR, Lindwurmstraße 207, 80337 Munich, acting under DIRINGLO, in the following short: “DIRINGLO”.

1. Scope of application, purpose of use

1.1. These Terms and Conditions apply to contracts between DIRINGLO and the Guest for the rental of the suites in the DIRINGLO Holiday House (rental property) as well as to all other services to be provided by DIRINGLO in this connection..

1.2. The rented property is provided to the guest for the duration of the contract exclusively for use for accommodation purposes. The rental property may only be occupied by the number of persons specified at the time of booking. Sublease or subletting to third parties is not permitted. The use for any other purpose than accommodation requires the prior consent of DIRINGLO.

2. Conclusion of the contract

2.1. Bookings of the guest can be made by personal contact (e-mail, telephone, in writing, by fax), via the website or via the guest information of the municipality of Ohlstadt.

2.2. The rental contract with DIRINGLO is bindingly concluded as soon as DIRINGLO has confirmed a booking of the guest.

3. Rental price, services, deposit

3.1 The rental price includes all flat-rate ancillary costs (electricity, water, heating), the costs for the use of bed linen and towels, as well as the statutory sales tax.

3.2 Not included in the rental price are the visitor’s tax of the municipality of Ohlstadt as well as costs for the final cleaning of the rental object. These costs will be shown separately on the booking confirmation.

3.3 DIRINGLO is entitled to demand a deposit from the Guest as security for the proper use of the rental object. DIRINGLO can charge this to the Guest with the booking confirmation. DIRINGLO undertakes to return the deposit to the Guest immediately after proper return of the rental object.

4. Payment method, due date, right of withdrawal

4.1 Unless otherwise stated in the booking confirmation, the Guest has to pay the total amount by bank transfer to DIRINGLO within seven days at the latest – in case of short-term booking at the latest before the start of the trip.

4.2 If the Guest is in default with payments, DIRINGLO is entitled to withdraw from the contract after unsuccessful reminder and to rent the rental object again. In this case DIRINGLO will immediately inform the Guest about this and refund received payments.

5. Arrival and departure times, compensation for damages

5.1 On the day of arrival DIRINGLO provides the rented object from 3.00 p.m. in contractual condition. The Guest is obliged to inform DIRINGLO immediately if his arrival is delayed, especially if it takes place after 7 p.m. of the day of arrival.

5.2 The rented object has to be returned in proper condition on the day of departure by 11.00 a.m. at the latest. If the return does not take place in due time, DIRINGLO is entitled to charge a lump sum of 50% of the rental price in case of a late return until 6:00 p.m. of the day of departure, and a lump sum of 100% of the rental price for a return after 6:00 p.m. as compensation. The guest is free to prove that DIRINGLO has suffered no or less damage.

5.3 Deviating arrival and departure times can be agreed individually in exceptional cases.

6. Withdrawal, cancellation, compensation for damages

6.1 A withdrawal of the Guest from the accommodation contract requires the consent of DIRINGLO in text form. If this does not take place, then the guest has to pay the rental price according to clause 6.2.

6.2. In case of cancellation the guest has to pay the following rental price:    

–    Up to 90 days before arrival, the booking remains free of charge,

–    up to 30 days before arrival 50 % of the rental price has to be paid, 

–    less than 30 days before arrival 90 % of the rental price has to be paid.

6.3 If DIRINGLO succeeds in subletting the originally booked rental object to a third party, the guest has to pay in any case a lump sum of 10% of the rental price as reimbursement of expenses.

6.4 The Guest is free to prove that DIRINGLO has suffered no or less damage.

6.5 Payments made will be refunded by DIRINGLO to the Guest immediately, taking into account the rental price owed.

6.6 DIRINGLO recommends the Guest to take out a travel cancellation or travel interruption insurance.

7. Obligations of the guest, terms of use in detail

7.1 DIRINGLO is a listed rental property with historical building substance, which consists of mainly traditional wooden elements. For these reasons the following special terms of use/FAQs apply.

7.2 The guest is obligated to comply with the DIRINGLO Terms of Use/FAQs and to treat the rental property and inventory with the utmost care during his stay.

7.3 For reasons of liability law the access for third parties (non-guests) is prohibited.

7.4 Due to the special structural conditions the guest has to supervise underage children during his entire stay at DIRINGLO.

7.5 The guest is liable to DIRINGLO for culpable damage to inventory, furnishings, rented rooms, floors, the building as well as outdoor facilities (e.g. terrace, garage, barbecue area, outdoor furniture). The guest must ensure that windows, doors as well as skylights are closed when leaving the rental property. Repair costs incurred due to damage caused by open doors and windows shall be borne by the guest.

7.6 The guest has to report damages to DIRINGLO immediately. The guest is liable to pay compensation for the consequential damages caused by damages not reported in time.

7.7 It is not allowed to bring and keep pets on the premises and in the buildings of DIRINGLO.

7.8 Smoking is not allowed inside the buildings. DIRINGLO is entitled to carry out a complete basic cleaning at the guest’s expense in case of violations. When smoking in the outdoor area the guest has to take care that third parties are not affected.

7.9 Open fire and the use of pyrotechnic articles are prohibited on the entire premises.

7.10. The building is located in the center of the village and borders on residential areas. The guest must therefore observe the general quiet hours at midday and on Sundays and public holidays. The general night rest begins at 22:00.

7.11. The guest must ensure that he has liability insurance.

8. Right to extraordinary termination by DIRINGLO

DIRINGLO reserves the right to terminate the contractual relationship extraordinarily without notice in case of a culpable violation of one of the obligations mentioned in point 7 above by the guest or by persons traveling with the guest.

9. Limitation of liability of DIRINGLO

DIRINGLO’s liability is limited to culpable injury to life, body or health as well as to other damages caused by intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by DIRINGLO. The limitation of liability does not apply in case of breach of obligations typical for the contract. DIRINGLO is not liable for damages or loss of vehicles or bicycles parked outside.

10. Notification that no legal right of withdrawal exists

The guest is informed that there is no right of revocation for legal reasons (§ 312 g Abs. 2 Nr. 9 BGB).

11. Choice of law and place of jurisdiction

Place of performance and place of jurisdiction is the registered office of DIRINGLO.
German law is applicable.

Rauscher und Huber GbR

Munich / Ohlstadt, June 2022