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Activities Eastbound

The eastern surroundings of DIRINGLO attract hikers, mountain bikers and all those who want to catch the wind.

You start all tours in a way you like: In DIRINGLO, you prepare your sandwiches with delicious local produce, fill your water bottle, shoulder your hiking rucksack, close the door of your holiday suite behind you – and your excursion begins.

After a few hundred meters through the village of Ohlstadt, meadows and woods greet you – and then they are waiting, the winding paths, the small waterfalls and the botanical representatives of a diverse mountain forest vegetation.

Easily accessible daily destinations with names like Kaltwasserfälle, Kaseralm, Großer Illing, Rauheck, Heimgarten, Rötelstein, Hohe Kiste, Asamschlucht, Schleifmühle Ohlstadt, Kreut-Alm, Teufelssäule and many more.

Brilliant mountain views, clear panoramas into the Bavarian foothills of the Alps, delicious snacks on alpine pastures and peaks, and great peace and quiet accompany you. If the summer temperatures allow it, you can cool off in the beautiful swimming pool in Ohlstadt (

Blaues Land (i.e. “Blue Land”) Meditation Path and the Ammergauer Alpen (i.e. “Ammergauer Alps”) Meditation Path

In the east of the DIRINGLO you can also start the Meditation Path “Blaues Land”, leading in 6 stages from Bad Kohlgrub to Ettal and connects there with the Meditation Path Ammergau Alps.

Texts on steles along the way and a detailed booklet (available at the Tourist Information Office in Ohlstadt) with meditative texts harmonize with the landscape and its beauty: Let yourself be stimulated, discover new perspectives and redefine your own inner goals.

Mountain bike trails for all levels

Mountainbikerin im Wettersteingebirge

Ambitious and amateuer mountain bikers will find a variety of tours east of Ohlstadt. One of them is the ride through the romantic Eschenlainetal with the destination Walchensee, whose mountain water definitely has the potential to cool you down.

If you want to get your mountain biking heart beating faster because of more distance and more beautiful scenery, we recommend turning the tour from Ohlstadt to Walchensee into a round trip via Krün, Klais, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Farchant, Oberau and Eschenlohe: You will then be on the road for a longer time, but the scenery and the impressions of this tour will be unforgettable – I promise!

By the way, very fit road-bikers can avoid the gravel roads of the Eschenlainetal by choosing the route from DIRINGLO via Kochel and the Kesselbergstraße and riding only on asphalt roads.

Kitesurfing and windsurfing with thermal winds

Blick auf den Walchensee

Walchensee is not only a great destination for endurance cyclists, mountain lake swimmers and nature lovers.

Windsurfers and kite surfers will also find a special wind drive there when the sky is clear: the thermals, which are then driven by the Herzogstand and allow for fast rides near the “gallery” (along the western shore road).

But keep an eye on the weather conditions and the time of day, because when clouds appear or the sun reaches a certain position, that’s it for the thermals – good if you’re back near the shore by then.