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Activities westbound

The macro- and microcosms, in the DIRINGLO region merge, present themselves in front of unforgettable natural sceneries and create a holistic vacation experience for all senses.

Murnauer moss near Ohlstadt

Very close to DIRINGLO, and therefore within perfect walking and biking distance, is the Murnauer Moos, the largest contiguous natural mire area in Central Europe with an area of 32 km2!

Formed after the last ice age in a tongue basin of the Loisach glacier, the Murnauer Moos is today a valuable retreat area, not least because of its extensive use of litter meadows, over 900 plant species and a correspondingly diverse bird life. This beautiful landscape can be explored in detail via a well-marked hiking trail system.

Historic trails or modern active arena?

Those of you who are interested in history should know about the historically rich ground on which the DIRINGLO is built:
During construction work in the vicinity of the DIRINGLO, ceramics from the 11th and 12th centuries and undated lake dwellings from even earlier times were discovered.
The remains of a Roman settlement on the Moosberg in the Murnauer Moos, which has since disappeared, and a 4.5-meter-wide gravel path in the southern part of the moor, which was discovered during excavations, bear witness to the Roman activities that took place here on and around the Via Raetia, which passed through Ohlstadt.

Looking westward from DIRINGLO, the Aktiv-Arena am Kolben near Oberammergau is the place to be.

In summer, the Alpine Coaster, mountain bike downhill course, climbing garden, children’s paradise and a new archery course provide fun, concentration and adrenaline.

In winter, the not too steep terrain offers itself as a small but fine skiing area for the whole family. ( – reachable by car from the DIRINGLO cottage in about 25 minutes drive).

Winter freeriding or comfortable skiliftgondola – as you like it!

Only experienced freeriders will get their money’s worth in powder snow on the non-prepared ski run “Nordhang” of the Laber.

The run leading from the top of the Laber mountain down to the valley station is known as one of the steepest runs in Germany – we recommend it only for people who are in great shape and have alpine skis that can withstand the really rough conditions.

For more leisurely activities, both in winter and summer, we recommend the Laberberg cable car with its unique views of the Ammer and Graswang valleys and the Bavarian foothills of the Alps towards Munich.

(, distance from the DIRINGLO apartments: by car from Ohlstadt via Oberau and the Ettaler Berg to Ettal about 25 minutes).

Passionstheater Oberammergau

Ettal, Linderhof und Oberammergau

Für alle Kulturbeflissenen und Königsbewunderer, bzw. die, die es noch werden wollen, ist das nahe Ammertal ebenfalls ein Muss.

Kloster Ettal am Fuße der Felsnadeln des Ettaler Manndls, Schloss Linderhof als ehemalige Jagddependance König Ludwig II., sowie das Passionstheater und die zahlreichen Lüftlmalereien in Oberammergau hinterlassen nachhaltige Eindrücke.
(Entfernung vom DIRINGLO: Mit dem Auto von Ohlstadt über Oberau und den Ettaler Berg nach Ettal circa 25 Minuten.)

Langlaufloipe bei Graswang

Ammergau Alps Nature Park

Beautiful summer hiking paths and winter cross-country skiing trails can be found in the Ammergau Alps Nature Park. There you should visit the Graswang Valley between Ettal and Linderhof Castle.

The valley basin, which narrows towards the south, leads through dramatically close rock faces to the Plansee lake on the Austrian side.

Route with rowing boat part

A little further to the west, beyond Unterammergau and Bad Kohlgrub, the Bayersoier Lake has made itself at home in hollow of the landscape.

It is recommended for a small rowing boat party or all year round for a, as they say here in Bavaria, kommode (= pleasant) and at the same time varied round trip of about 1 hour duration on a well-prepared hiking trail.(

Want more King Ludwig? With pleasure!

Only about 45 minutes by car to the west of Oberammergau, you will find more impressive “traces” of the Bavarian King Ludwig and his family: Neuschwanstein Castle, built in the idealized style of a medieval knight’s castle.

And it is in just this style that the mighty structure towers over Füssen and the scenically charming, small-scale Bavarian part of the Allgäu.

On the way to the summit of the Tegelberg, which rises directly to the south of the castle and marks the transition to the Bavarian-Swabian Alps, you will enjoy an magnificent and unforgettable view of the castle and the landscape.

You can also enjoy the view of the valley from the top station of the Tegelberg cable car. And if you feel like getting a bird’s eye view of the castle, you can book a tandem flight with a paraglider or hang glider.